Curvy Widow

"One of the highest points has the ladies (Andrea Bianchi, Laura Dean and MaryAnn Hu) as a doo-wop Greek Chorus in the marvelous high-brow “It’s Not a Match” (as Bobby trolls through a series of hapless and sometimes amusing dates) and again in Marcos Santana’s (Broadway’s “On Your Feet”) innovative choreography in yoga positions for “So.”"
-- Carolina Curtain Call


"Andrea Bianchi is a comic delight, both physically and in the delivery of her lines."
-- Home News Tribune
"Andrea Bianchi almost steals the show as the French actress who's been told she's a star and assumes that must mean the sun."
-- Star Ledger


"Andrea Bianchi is an authoritative, alluring Soph."
-- New York Times

Where the Sun Never Sets

"Andrea Bianchi is one of the state's most gifted comedians. She has the skill to make her face into a hilarious mess of confusion, which is one of Bianchi's greatest assets. What fun she is to watch."
-- The Star Ledger
"Bianchi puts plenty of vim and vigor into her tirades."
-- Curtain Up
"Andrea Bianchi's Annie hilariously morphs from liberal lawyer to a conservative spewing hatred. "
-- Recorder Newspapers

Being Audrey

"One particular standout is Andrea Bianchi doing multiple character roles with well nuanced old-movie character accents."
-- Broadway After Dark
"Andrea Bianchi brings a vivid sense of humor to her many portrayals."
-- Theatremania
"Andrea Bianchi does a star turn as a Long Island Matron."
-- Talk Entertainment

A Chorus Line

"History aside, no one performer has put an intimidating imprint for all time on any of these roles. Here, Andrea Bianchi is a splendidly dear Diana Morales ("I felt nothing"); look no farther."
-- NY Times
"But the one singular sensation is Andrea Bianchi."
-- The Star Ledger


"Returning from last year -- but somehow even better this time around -- is Andrea Bianchi as The Ghost of Christmas Present. Bianchi is a corker of a Cockney. Looking somewhat like a pre-"Rain in Spain" Eliza Doolittle with a touch of Lucy Ricardo thrown in, Bianchi dispenses her justice with comic abandon. Her little victory dance is worthy of Rumplestiltskin."
-- Star Ledger
"Ms. Bianchi is especially memorable. "
-- Westfield Leader

Off The Hook

"Best of all is Andrea Bianchi as the ambassador's wife. She's got a perfect Julie Andrews British accent and snobby demeanor. How Bianchi tries to stay awake after she's accidentally taken that sleeping potion is one of the funniest moments of the season. "
-- Star Ledger
"Sarah Carstairs is deftly played by Andrea Bianchi with wit and stiff upper-lip determination."
-- Home News Tribune
"Andrea Bianchi is fun to listen to and especially fun to watch."
-- Princeton Packet
"Winner Best Actress NJ Season-Bianchi for Off The Hook. "
-- Star Ledger

Shout, the Mod Musical

"Gwendolyn’s voiceover is done (hysterically) by Andrea Bianchi. Standout songs include Andrea Bianchi’s renditions of Petula Clark’s “Don’t Sleep in the Subway” and the searing “I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love”"
-- The Catskill Chronicle

Don't Dress for Dinner

"Andrea Bianchi as the mistress embellishes her role with fun and stage business. Her strong stage presence enables her to take an otherwise smallish role and bring it to the boil."
-- Florida Today


"Andrea Bianchi, who delivers a dead on impersonation of an elderly Jacob, gives Godspell a comic boost."
-- Christopher Murther-Boston Globe
"Andrea Bianchi is a delightful dynamo who can belt a song to the rafters and can dance the daylights out of any number."
-- The Patriot Ledger


"Andrea Bianchi is thoroughly attractive in this role of both sex object and predator."
"Andrea Bianchi will have you holding your sides from laughter."
-- Curtain Call
"Andrea Bianchi is a vicious and sexily murderous Nurse Fay, who moves with the precision of a pill-pushing martinet."
-- The Hour

High Spirits

"Andrea Bianchi seizes her moments without strangling them."
-- NY Times
"Andrea Bianchi is hilarious as the maid who's constantly running lickety-split across the stage."
-- Star Ledger

Shooting Craps

"Andrea Bianchi's Joanna is extremely winning."
-- Palm Beach Post

Babes in Arms

"The performers are wonderful notably Andrea Bianchi as Baby Lou. Way Out West is the first time we hear Bianchi's amazing delivery."
-- Southside Pride
"Baby Lou(Andrea Bianchi)an aggressively peppy entertainer who reminds you of Ann Miller with a hefty dose of Liza Minelli. Way Out West features Bianchi doing Merman to end all Mermans. "
-- Pioneer Press

Lend Me a Tenor

"Bianchi is particularly funny as Maria, ranting and raving with Italian abandon. Bianchi's movement shows a touch of Martha Raye and is like none other you've seen on stage before."
-- Florida Today